Google rolling out a way for users without internet to use its digital assistant

Google's digital assistant is available to users throughout their smartphones, laptops and smart speakers. It has been doing so well as the company expanded the reach of its digital assistant.

Now it just got better following a partnership with KaiOS to allow people with the most basic cell phone with no internet access to use the feature. This program is starting in India for now. The program is to reach hundreds of millions of users across the globe who don't have access to smartphones or the internet.

What you need to know..

At an event in New Delhi on Thursday, the company announced a 24×7 telephone line that anyone on Vodafone-Idea telecom network could dial to have their questions answered. Indian users without internet access can now talk to Google Assistant. By calling the 000-800-9191-000 toll-free number, users can talk to Assistant in English and Hindi over a call. The phone line service is now available to all users in India. Google Assistant is great when you have a decent internet connection, but what if you don't live in an area with limited or no data connectivity? Google is addressing that problem by rolling out a phone line to users in India that lets them access Google Assistant by calling a number.

Google Assistant is great when you have a decent internet connection, but without an internet connection? - Let's see how it turns out. How will Apple, Amazon and other digital assistant company respond to this?

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