Huawei Mate 30: Release date, specs and more confirmed! No Android?

Huawei Mate 30: Released date, specs and more confimed

So we are a few weeks away from Huawei’s unveiling of their next flagship phone under the mate line up. Last year's version of the Mate was considered by many to by the phone of the year and rightly so due to its top of the line specs and unmatched battery life is provided at the time. With that, the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro have some big shoes to fill and with the rumours circulating about its specs, we believe it may become 2019’s most powerful device.

The Camera
The main attraction for the Mate 30 is going to be the camera which is expected to come with a quad-camera setup with a circular design. The device is set to feature a never seen before cine sensor which will offer cinema-like experience when taking videos in 4k at 60 fps. This is expected to provide an experience in video recording unique and exclusive to the Huawei Mate 30. The full quad setup is made up of a 40-megapixel main sensor, 40-megapixel cine sensor, 8-megapixel zoom 3x and a 20-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera. It looks like the device might come without a ToF (Time of Flight) sensor but that is yet to be confirmed. The Mate 30 line is also going to come without the periscope zoom camera which made the p30 Pro such a hit as Huawei wants to make that lens exclusive to the p series.

The Processor
The Mate 30 has been confirmed to be powered by Huawei's latest chipset which is the Kirin 990. It is confirmed to have a built-in 5G support and is based on the 7nm Cortex –A77 which is estimated to have a 20% increase in performance when compared to the previous  Cortex-A76. Along with the latest Mali G77  GPU could make the mate 30 Pro the most powerful phone released this year. The Mali  G77 GPU  comes with 30% energy efficiency improvement and consumes 50% less energy when compared to the mali G72.

When it comes to battery life and performance, Huawei is ahead of the competition and looks set to remain there with the Mate 30 and Mate 30 pro. The Mate 30 is said to come with a 4000 mAh battery with the Pro version coming with a huge 4500 mAh battery. This will allow for hours of gaming and content consumption. The 5G model is rumoured to be coming with a 5000 mAh battery but that is yet to be confirmed. Not only is the Mate 30 Pro coming with a huge battery but it is also coming with 40w fast charging and a record 25w fast wireless charging for the first time on a mobile phone. The good news is that Huawei will provide the 40w charger in the box and therefore there is no need to buy it separately. (I am talking to you Samsung).

The Screen.
The Mate 30 Pro is going to have a waterfall display and a notch. The Mate 30 will not have a waterfall type display as Huawei are going with BOE for the mate 30’s display. Also, only Samsung has that technology and therefore the Mate 30 Pro’s display will come from Samsung who are the best display makers. The Mate 30 Pro may also have a 90Hz refresh rate like the one plus 7 Pro but this is yet to be confirmed.

Colour Options
The Mate is going to have three main colours or at least three colours that we know at this stage which is interstellar blue, emerald green and phantom silver.

Release Date
Huawei just confirmed the official release date in a tweet this morning. The Mate 30 Series will be officially revealed during this years's Huawei IFA in Munich on the 19th of September, seven(7) days after the Apple Event.

No Android?
The ongoing trade war between China and the US that saw Huawei receive a ban might prevent them from using Google services like Gmail, play store, etc on the Mate 30 and 30 Pro. This is an instant deal-breaker for anyone outside of China. Huawei will have no problem selling in China due to the fact that Google services already don’t work there. Does this mean we could see harmony os as soon as next month? No one can say for certain at this stage as Huawei could come to an agreement with Google before launch but if not then the question is, will you buy a $1000 device without any Google apps? Let us know what you think!

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