Twitter, Instagram and Facebook turn Blue for Sudan

But is this enough?

Sudan is a country in the North-Eastern part of Africa, currently in political crisis. Pro-democracy protesters were still in negotiations with the military who are currently in charge after they overthrew the president then. This became worse when dozens of the pro-democratic protesters died after a crackdown by the military(BBC) on June 3rd .

If you have been active in the last few days on social media, there's a high chance that you've bumped into profiles with blue display pictures, one or two posts on your timelines filled with Blue colours with a "Pray for Sudan" caption or similar; if you've not, well that's weird, now you know.

It is believed that, this is a way of showing support for Sudan by bringing more attention to them since there has not been significant coverage of the issue by the mainstream Western media.

Why is the color blue? 

According to a twitter user Dinan al Asad, the reason why the color blue was chosen is to remember Mohamed Mattar, a brave 26 year old pro-democracy protester who died while protecting two women during the June 3rd massacre. 


In solidarity with the Sudan protesters, #IAmTheSudanRevolution #BlueForSudan and #SudanMassacre  have trended heavily on Twitter over the past few days. Through support from big public figures from different backgrounds. Here's a few of them..

Ex-footballer Didier Drogba's tweet

Rihanna, J. Cole, Ariana Grande, Demi Levato and more!

The Impact so far

The cry for support throughout the major social media channels has not been in vain, a clear depiction of what a powerful tool social media is. Since it began, there has been a lot of support from various sources, a few of include a  GoFundMe campaign (for Medical Needs for Army HQ Sitin),  a fundraiser on Facebook (Food & Medicine for Sudan)  and a petition that demands a UN inquiry that currently has over 373,000 signatures, for a topic that has been avoided by the internet.

That's not all, ABC reported a few hours ago that the US has sent envoy to Sudan, to help die down the increasing rate of women and child defilement since the military crack down.

Keep the trend going!   Tweet " #IAmTheSudanRevolution #BlueForSudan "

Source(s): BBC, BuzzFeed
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