Make your life easier with these amazing websites

Surfing the internet does not require any skill, you can either begin by typing a search term in Google, visiting specific websites like Facebook, Reddit, Youtube or even DE JAY'S BLOG depending on what exactly you're looking for. We've gathered  a list of amazing and useful websites that will definitely boost your productivity, relax, and make you more creative.

1. Atlas Obscura

If you are someone who travels a lot, this is a must have website. Should you find yourself in a new town of city this is a resource that will help you find amazing places that may  not be in a guide book.
The search box helps you find the places near you or the location you are planning of visiting. You can get a list of unusual places on your results.

2. Interneting is hard

The name of this website is absurd. But if you are looking for a place to learn web development, this site is for you. It is 100% person free to use. It includes lots of diagrams and coding examples to make learning easy.

3. Firefox send

This is my favourite. If you haven't used it yet, it lets you share a file with a link that will automatically expire. The files are encrypted up to 1GB. You can drag and drop files or upload from your computer. It is easy to use and once you are done uploading, copy the link and share with anyone you want.

4. Duolingo

If you ever want to learn a language, this is one of the best place to go through the series of activities and games. There are more than 30 languages to choose from. You can even learn Klingon if you are a Star Trek fan. Just sign up for a long and follow the instructions.

5. What-The-Font

This is a tool on the that helps you decide the best font to match your pictures. There some amazing fonts that this tool provides.

6. Scribd

An eBook and audio book service with more than a million titles. You will find many of the top authors out there. From Stephen King to many more and they give you a 30 day trial to use the service.

7. Creative market

An online store that features design assets. You can get new themes for your site. This site gives out themes for free so it is recommended you bookmark this page.

8. Rainy mood

Is a rain simulator that can boost productivity with the sound of a summer rainstorm. Unlike other noise generators, it adds toggles for customizing. This site helps you focus, relax and sleep.

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