You can lock your Android apps with pin, pattern or fingerprint. But, do you know how to lock and unlock apps with your face?
In today’s tutorial, I am going to explain to you how to lock Android apps with face and fingerprint. But, this feature is for your phone’s security. Phone manufacturers are developing different techniques to protect your smartphone’s privacy. Nowadays, you can unlock your Android phone with Password, Pin, Pattern, Fingerprint, Voice and even with your eye’s retina. Most of the smartphones have a fingerprint scanner which is easy and quick to unlock your device. But, these features are only helpful to protect your phone on the initial stage. You use a lot of apps which contains your personal data, like your photos, videos, contacts, credit card information, etc. If your phone is unlocked or if someone asks you to use your phone to check a website then he or she can quickly look over your privacy. To protect user’s personal information from friends and family App Lock came into existence. I have already shared the list of best Applock for Android to protect your phone’s apps from unwanted access. I have tested many app locker apps, and most of have the feature to lock and unlock apps with Password, Pattern, and Fingerprint. Finally, I got IObit Applock which uses face recognition unlock technique along with fingerprint scanner. Let’s know how to use IObit Applock to unlock android with face recognition.

IObit Applock 

How to Lock Android Apps with Face Recognition

As facial recognition program gets increasingly more complicated, it is also going to become increasingly cheaper – appearing on a number of our digital devices. While not foolproof – just yet that the Face Unlock feature constructed to a new Android cell phone does fairly well. Android KitKat and above versions have the option to set your Face ID to unlock your device, but you can’t use this feature to lock Android apps with the face.

1) Open IObit Applock and complete the initial setup process. The setup process is
super easy, that’s why I am not going ask details.

2) Tap the Menu icon and select Face Lock option.

3) After that tap on the Start button and make the IObit Applock download the AI

4) Once it downloaded, it’ll ask you to enable this feature and scan your face.

5) Now you can lock your Android apps with face.!

This was all about how to lock Android apps with the face using IObit Applock. If you are looking for an app lock with better security, then this is the best app lock for you. This app is available in both free and pro versions. To unlock all features purchase the pro one. If you like this post, then don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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