[LEAK] "Wait till you see what it can do" : Everything we know about Pixel 4.

Image: Google
Google released a genuine render of the Pixel 4 via its Twitter page. This won't be the first phone set to be released this year by google as it unveiled its Pixel 3a and 3a XL in May at GoogleI/O.

The image shows two cameras and a third senor at the back of the phone. There is also a another tiny dot at the lower right of the camera which might be a microphone. There were rumours that Pixel 4 would have no rear fingerprint scanner present on the device.  The last Pixel phones have suffered leaks weeks and sometimes months before Google formally announced them. Looks like this time the company is trying to control the release of it devices.

What we know so far...

A good preview of the device's external design shows it's headed in a new direction from years past. The size of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL is expected to take the sizes of its previous models. The image doesn't show the front of the device but we can see a power button and the "G" logo at the button.

Let's start with the biggest one: the two cameras are positioned in the middle of the square at the back of the phone. Over the years Pixel phones have managed to pull off impressive tricks like portrait mode shots. We don't know what Google would do with the second lens hardware or software-wise.

There is also a mysterious third sensor present. You can barely make out that there is something there in the photo Google posted. We don't know what the extra sensor might be. The rumoured no rear finger print sensor is now official. This would be the first time Pixel would go without a rear fingerprint scanner. What would be used instead? Initially we speculated an in-display fingerprint sensor since it has been trending with Android phones this year.

Release date and Price

We expect an event sometime in early October based on the past form. Google is likely to use the opportunity to launch a few other hardware options at the same time such as the long rumoured Pixel Watch. Pricing-wise, the Pixels have been climbing for years. Considering the extra features included and the general emphasis on the device, Pixel 4 is likely to break $1000 - $ 1500 price mark of the Pixel 3.

What we expect...

  • Dual front camera (with Face ID-like feature)
  • Punch-hole camera
  • Two screen sizes
  • Larger display
  • Increased RAM
  • Increased storage
  • No microSD support
  • Android Q

Pixel 4 is already a top notch phone in 2019. There have also been hints that Google will build its Project Soli technology into 2019's Pixel Phones. Soli is a small radar that can detect slight movements of a person's fingers in space above the device. Project Soli could offer a new way for Pixel 4 owners to interact with the device if it's resting on a table or wireless charging stand.

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