Five (5) beautiful icon packs for Android you can install for free

Customization is one of the biggest advantages Android users have over ios users and is usually an important factor when deciding which operating system to go for. The ability to fully customize your Android device gives you a level of freedom that you just can't find anywhere else. One of the key components when customizing your smartphone is the icon pack. This determines not only how your icons will look but also their shape. There are many third-party icon packs but here are a few that stand out and can help give your device that unique look you are after.

Pixel Pie Icon pack

Pixel Pie Icons

This is a personal favourite of mine. Just as the name suggests, this pack gives your icons a pixel look that is indistinguishable from that of the original pixel devices. Based on the launcher you use, this pack allows you to change the icon for any app giving you even more customization power.

One UI – icon pack

One UI icons

One UI icon pack is full of a beautifully colourful set of icons to grace your smartphone screen. This pack gives you icons that look similar to Samsung's One UI skin. The icons are in a squircle shape just like the One UI skin and are sure to give your home screen a new look.

Delta – icon pack

Delta icons

Unlike the two packs mentioned above, this icon pack’s icons are not confined to only one shape. Each icon's shape is based on the application it represents, giving each icon a unique look. It is also minimalistic and therefore is suitable for devices with limited storage space.

Lines Free – icon pack

Lines icons

If you want something clean, simple, and lovely to look at, then this one you should look at. This pack features over 2400 hand-crafted HD icons to grace your home screen. If paired with a complementary wallpaper, these flat, modern, and materialistic looking icons can help make your device look anew.  

Whicons – White icon pack


The name of this packs basically explains what it's all about. It gives you a bunch of white icons in place of your old icons. These icons are of high quality and give multiple icons for most applications allowing for more choice.

It is important to know that to use any of these icon packs, you need a compatible launcher. There many of those available on Android as well. You can check some out here.


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