Uber may offer its self-driving car division to Aurora according to reports.

TechCrunch announced that Uber is in negotiations to sell its autonomous vehicle unit to start-up rival Aurora Innovation. The sale of Uber Advanced Technologies Group (Uber ATG), if it were to happen, will mark the end of a bumpy path for an Uber division estimated at $7.25 billion as recently as last July, but fraught with ongoing problems.

In March of 2019, Uber avoided criminal charges within the 2018 death of Elaine Herzberg in Tempe, Arizona, the first-ever death involving an autonomous car. Federal investigators found that Uber, the security driver behind the wheel of the car, and therefore the state of Arizona all shared some of the blame for the incident. The accident ended Uber’s test program in Tempe, but the corporate resumed testing in Pittsburgh, where Uber ATG is headquartered.

Also, Uber ATG was involved in a very trade secrets lawsuit with competitor Waymo, owned by Google parent company Alphabet. Uber settled the case unexpectedly in February of 2018.

Consistent with Uber’s most up-to-date profit-and-loss statement, while its “ATG and other technologies” segment had revenues of $25 million within the third quarter, the segment saw a net loss of $303 million for the nine months ended September 30th, in line with TechCrunch.

Aurora was founded in 2017 by Chris Urmson, the previous lead engineer for Google’s self-driving project. A lot of its attention has been on creating innovation for self-driving trucks. The startup's most exceptional valuation was about $2.5 billion, and Aurora said in July it totally was growing its testing of self-ruling vehicles into Texas.


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