Meet the new AirPods Max: Apple's first 'over the ear' headphones!

Meet the new AirPods Max: Apple's first over the ear headphones!
Image credits: Apple

In the latest Apple Newsroom post, Apple officially announced the AirPods Max—the company's latest addition to its very popular ear wear lineup. The AirPods Max is Apple's first-ever over the ear headphones and the fourth AirPods release preceding AirPods 1st-Gen, 2nd-Gen, and the AirPods Pro which was released in October last year.

 Apple AirPods Max design

Apple's AirPods Max comes in a totally different design from previous versions for obvious reasons— earlier variants of the AirPods were specifically designed to be wireless earphones (EarPods) while the new AirPods Max is a luxury headphone, to put it simply.

Until now, Apple's AirPods came in just one color (white) but the AirPods Max is available in five (5) stylish colors—space gray, green, sky blue, silver, and pink.

The earcups of the AirPods Max are padded with memory foam called Ear Cushions which attach magnetically and a knit-mesh headband (over the head) which Apple says is "designed to distribute weight and reduce on-head pressure" to make it more comfortable to wear.

It borrows the Digital crown dial from the Apple Watch Series to allow for volume, media controls (skip, pause, etc), and Siri activation. 


Here is a list of some of the known features of the new AirPods Max

  • Siri
  • Spatial Audio - made its debut on iOS 14 and the AirPods Pro
  • Apple's H1 chip within each ear cup
  • 40mm dynamic drivers
  • Adaptive EQ
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Transparency mode 
  • 20 hours of battery life
  • Automatic Switching - easily switch between iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
AirPods Pro Internals
Image Credits: Apple

Price and Availability

For compatibility, the AirPods Max requires at least iOS 14.3, iPad OS 14.3, and macOS 11.1 Big Sur. Apple says the AirPods Max are available to order starting today for $549 ~ GH₵3200 with an option for free engraving on Apple's website or the Apple Store app and will begin shipping on Tuesday, December 15. 

Replacement Ear Cushions will cost $69 ~ GH₵400.


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