#TRENDING10 - Top 10 Tech News / Trends of the Week #4 (January 2020)

Trending 10 is where we dive deep into the biggest tech news from the week and go over some interesting stories of the week.

#TRENDING10 - Top 10 Tech News / Trends of the Week #4 (January 2020)

Uber is testing a feature allowing some drivers to set fares

Uber is testing a new feature starting in California that will enable drivers to set their own prices for trips. The American multinational ride-hailing company, probably the most popular in the market has faced so many criticisms including disrupting the taxicab business, safety concerns, and lately the unfair treatment of drivers. This may be an answer to one of these criticisms, particularly the one against the drivers.  More details here.

Nigeria’s fintech company Paga acquires Apposit, confirms Mexico & Ethiopia expansion

Paga has created a multi-channel network to transfer money, pay bills, and buy things digitally.  The company has 14 million customers in Nigeria who can transfer funds from one of Paga’s 24,411 agents or through the startup’s mobile apps. Paga products work on iOS, Android, and basic USSD phones using a star, hashtag option. The company has remittance partnerships with the likes of Western Union and allows for third-party integration of its app. Details of the acquisition here.

The Moto Razr finally has a release date

Aside impressions from reviewers, portability and nostalgia are the main reasons why people will be willing to spend over a thousand dollars on this device. We already know that the processor, camera and the battery on the Razr are not the best for the price point, which is understandable being a first-generation device. Read more here

Are the new AMD laptops ACTUALLY good?

AMD released their new processors because now we are seeing some premium devices(high-end machines) with this AMD Ryzen processor. And why is this chip soo good?, because it's the first world's first 7nanometer(nm) processor. More details here.

MTN Ghana compensated users with 2GB data

In a press statement released by the telco, it said that the goodwill bonus will be sent to the data account of customers and not through a website. Read more here. If you are not seeing this, you probably missed out.

LocalBitcoins disables accounts from several African countries

Peer-to-peer Bitcoin marketplace, LocalBitcoins has disabled accounts from several African countries and put out a notice to traders. LocalBitcoins, a Finnish-based company, is one of the oldest over-the-counter BTC exchange marketplaces and this move has had a major impact on the overall BTC trading. Read more

The long-awaited WhatsApp feature is finally rolling out, for all Android users, in beta.

WhatsApp Dark Mode now available (in Beta)

WhatsApp has finally included the Dark mode feature officially in the latest Android beta version of the app. Facebook released this feature in their auxiliary app Instagram for both iOS and Android but many users could not figure out how to turn it on but fortunately, WhatsApp's is different though it's only on android now. More details here.

If you got lucky and received Apple's iPhone 11 or the iPhone 11 Pro you will probably want to install some new apps

The best apps for your iPhone in 2020

he question is which one to install? We've got you covered, I personally did a survey to find out what most people do and want to do with their smartphones. My team and I tested a vast number of apps, separating the good from the bad to come up with this list. Continue reading here.
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