Are the new AMD laptops ACTUALLY good?

Are the new AMD laptops ACTUALLY good?
Are the New Amd Laptops ACTUALLY good?, Ok so AMD just launched some new laptop CPUs the Ryzen 4000 series and as compared to their previous models these new processors are legitimately very powerful processors for laptops.

New powerful AMD Ryzen Laptops - DE JAY'S BLOG

From a number of articles, everyone is like "this is the end of intel", "intel is dead". It's so not the case, some years pass by INTEL has provided the market with some of the best processors which were far productive than those of AMD's processors. And for the newly released AMD processors, it's not a clear cut as it may seem. More like "dumb INTEL and jump on AMD laptops". But first of all, these new AMD processors are the real deal. For certain individuals who can actually take an upper hand of multi-core processing, these chips are great.

 In the past years, regardless of how much AMD put into marketing their processors into laptops, they were never good. And it was pretty obvious, because manufacturers in the past years did not put AMD chips into their premium products, and the times they used AMD chips in their products is when it was a low-end value-oriented device. But this changed a few days ago after AMD released their new processors because now we are seeing some premium devices(high-end machines) with this AMD Ryzen processor. And why is this chip soo good?, because it's the first world's first 7nanometer(nm) processor and the key value in here is power efficiency they are able to give out an insane power of performance per watt. And by far what these chips are really good for is Content Creation. It gives content creators the maximum efficient power in creating their works. And it doesn't really matter the software you are using because 8 cores are always going to be better than 6 or 4 cores in creation.

 And turning into gaming, these chips provide higher and better performance when it comes to gaming, with their integrated graphics compared to intel's integrated graphics. And keep in mind that these are not actual gaming graphics card but just integrated graphics.

 Thus, the real strength and performance of these AMD processors lie in the ability to process in multi-core applications. The 7nanometer chip is also said to be designed to reduce battery consumption, but intel has accomplished a very good architecture over the years working with manufacturers to reduce battery consumption on laptops. When it comes to battery life, intel would have a better processor.

Thus, laptops that are designed to last longer will adopt the intel processor. Wrapping up everything with pricing, AMD in the past years has always been cheaper in their laptop offering, but because they know they have something better here I wouldn't say laptops with these processors are expensive but have pricings of what you would expect from premium laptops out there. Intel's response to this has been the Tiger Lake CPU, the Tiger Lake CPU is said to be going to have a significantly better graphics performance than the Ryzen 4000 series.

 I would say in the year 2020 we have real competitors, companies competing to have their chips integrated into laptops. And if you have been holding on to upgrade your laptop I think this is the year. If you are content creator I think AMD's Ryzen processor will make a lot of sense, but if you are a gamer or student who wants a long battery life, I don't know if AMD will be the best for you.
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