The Moto Razr finally has a release date

After a delay to the release of the very anticipated Motorola Razr device, we finally have a date and its February 6th. The Moto Razr which will cost $1,499 was supposed to be released on December 26th but was delayed due to exceeding it's popularity expectations, thus increasing the demand than initially planned for.

The Moto Razr will be available for pre-order starting from January 26th and will be exclusive on Verizon, Walmart and on Motorola's website. It will be in stores starting from February 6th but considering how in-demand the device is, it won't be surprising if it runs out or is not made available in some stores. So far, we know that it will be exclusively sold on Verizon in the US as we await news on international carriers and details to arrive.

It would be wise for Motorola to release the Razr as soon as possible because if they delay, there’s a chance that Samsung's own clamshell device might end up overshadowing the Moto Razr. The Razr will come with a Snapdragon 710 chipset with a flexible 6.2 inch screen which is the main highlight of the device. But will it have the same success as the original Razr did? We are yet to see.

Aside impressions from reviewers , portability and nostalgia are the main reasons why people will be willing to spend over a thousand dollars on this device. We already know that the processor, camera and the battery on the Razr are not the best for the price point, which is understandable being a first-generation device. However, if the rumors about Samsung's  upcoming flip device is true, then it may provide better value by being a better-specked device. Therefore being the first to market will give them an advantage before competition becomes tight.

If we are to believe the rumors, then Samsung will be announcing their foldable device on the 11th of February. This means we could be getting two clamshell devices with similar ideas but different  implementations which is exciting news.

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