Elon Musk's Neuralink Project will allow Humans to Communicate Directly with Computers!

This era is dominated by tech giants that have succeeded through computing and this makes it
difficult for the birth of new innovative ideas. Neuralink will become a bit less secretive after researchers of the company plans a live-streamed presentation on the technology.

Neuralink was founded in 2016 and  aims to let humans communicate directly with computers.
Faster transfer rates and quicker responses are rest assured but figuring out how to exchange
useful information presents immense challenges.

We’re having an event in San Francisco to share a bit about what we’ve been working on the last two years, and we’ve reserved a few seats for the internet,” the company posted.“It will also be livestreamed, for those who don’t have the chance to come! -A tweet from Neural link's Twitter account

@ElonMusk: "Presentation streaming live from Neuralink.com at 8pm Pacific" 

Update: Here's a recap of everything that happened during the presentation

Musk is a busy man, he's got Tesla that makes electric cars and trucks with massiveelectric power storage batteries. Space X which is making it easy to people to get to space. He's got the Boring company that creates tunnels to relieve automobile congestion. Neuralink is the least popular
company of all these brilliant innovations. It brings a complicated realm of biology into Musk's purview. Humans are hard to understand even though scientist at tech giants like Facebook and Google are progressing at emulating some of their work through a technology called neural networks. This is the most promising foundation for artificial intelligence.

Musk founded the company in an effort to give humans a performance edge as we cope with
the arrival of artificial intelligence, a technology he himself sees as an existential threat to humanity. Making a new technology practical, affordable and convincing is quite a difficult thing. Take a moment and ponder the idea of "consensual telepathy". If you can communicate with the computer then the computer can communicate with somebody's brain-like machine. The entrepreneur took to twitter to tell his followers that it would be coming soon. There were no details added. Despite the technology's potential to augment the human brain, experts warned the brain-computer interfaces risk being hijacked by rogue artificial intelligence. This scenario could lead to AI controlling thoughts, decisions and emotions of a person using a brain-like computer. "Technological developments mean that we are on  a path to a world in which it will be possible to decode people's mental process and directly manipulate the brain mechanisms underlying their intentions, emotions and decision," stated from a piece written by 27 neuroscientist, ethicists and machine intelligence engineers.

How this company would progress is unclear, but certainly for most of us it will be a replacement to keyboards. It's remarkable that this futuristic technology is under discussion.
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