Android 12 images leaked! Here are our initial thoughts

Android 12

The next major update to the most popular mobile operating system Andriod is close. Many devices just received the Andriod 11 update not too long ago with others yet to receive it but Google is already working on the next one. Leaked images show as a first glimpse of the upcoming update which is looking like it could bring some significant UI changes to the table. These images courtesy of Mishaal Rahman of XDA Developers are not screenshots but instead mockups therefore things could still change before the beta comes out for developers.

One exciting thing about this Android 12  image, when compared to Android 11, is the color tone. Google seems to have taken a sepia-tone which is not consistent with what we have come to know from Android which is a pure white color tone. It should not be a problem though if you are not pleased with that color because you would be allowed to change it with an in-depth theming system rumored to be coming with the update.

Android 12

The quick notification settings at the top seem to have gotten bigger tiles allowing you to see four of them on one screen instead of the five or six on Android 11. The rounded corners on notifications look more pronounced than before and look a bit better as well. A conversation widget can also be seen in the images which will show recent chat, missed calls, and other information.

Android 12 Privacy

Reports have claimed that privacy has been revamped in Android 12 and it could turn out to be true. There are new icons at the top right corner that show when the microphone or camera is being used. According to the report, tapping on these icons can show which apps are using it as well as give you the ability to disable them.

For now, we don't know exactly what features will make it to the final product but from these mock-ups, Android 12 is looking promising.


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