Why Sony Is Struggling To Sell You a PS5

It might be a while before you grab yourself a PS5. Sony is apparently known to be selling at a loss with a mass effect deal. It's now exactly news that PlayStation 5's are hard to come by after the release even now three months after release. 

Allegedly, parts shortages might stop Sony PS5 goals, arising from the global recognized semi-conductors shortage. Which has inhibited how many consoles can be manufactured. "However, we have to look at the global shortage of semiconductors... when we try to increase our capacity, we face difficulties because of this global situation" - Sony Spokesperson. 

As of late January AMD has anticipated having chips shortages through the first half of 2021, causing the shortage of semiconductors in the market. And since AMD chips power the PS5, this might affect the production of more PlayStation 5's. And this is something on Sony's radar as they think about sales goals. 

While Sony says it's on track to meet its 7.6 million units by March 31st it also notes it was not able to meet its high level of demand from customers. Sony is selling PS5'S at a lesser price to produce one since there's a high demand for the next-gen consoles. 


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