Spotify finally goes live in Ghana! Here's everything you need to know!

In less than 24 hours since the official announcement, we can confirm that Spotify has begun its rollout into the new markets, and is already live in Nigeria and Ghana. The wait is finally over and this should see an end to the other unapproved ways users in these ineligible countries use to access the app.

Spotify finally goes live in Ghana! He's everything you need to know, signup, pricing, installation and more

How to signup for Spotify in Ghana

Everyone in a "Spotify eligible" country has access to the free plan where users can listen to (stream)  any song available—the only caveat is that free subscribers can not download and listen to songs offline.  Follow these steps to signup. 
  1. Head to
  2. Tap on Sign up for free
  3. Fill in your details, complete the captcha and press send.
    Alternatively, you can signup with Facebook
After completing the above steps you should be able to log in and enjoy the service.

If you have you have an existing account—you will be interested in changing the country to Ghana, here's how: {alertInfo}

  1. Log into Spotify
  2. Head to Account Overview (Profile > Account)
  3. Choose Edit Profile
  4. Select Ghana from the Country or Region field to update the country.

Spotify Premium prices in Ghana

Upgrading to premium should obviously be the next step. Personally, Spotify's pricing in both Ghana and Nigeria makes so much sense. If you'd like to switch to premium from free for access to all the songs offline, there are 4 subscriptions available, here are the prices:
  • Individual - GH₵17.00
  • Duo (2 accounts) - GH₵22.00
  • Family (6 accounts) - GH₵27.00
  • Student - GH₵8.50

Spotify prices in Ghana

Accepted Payment Methods

For now, the only accepted methods of payment of Spotify subscriptions are Credit/Debit cards. It should not be so long for other local payment methods like MTN MoMo are added—though it hasn't been confirmed yet, Spotify said yesterday that it was going to work with local partners to provide a more tailored experience.

Downloading Spotify

Interestingly, the Spotify app is not officially available (as at the time of writing)  on the iOS App Store for Ghanaian accounts—we believe is being worked on but Android users can install the APK. Spotify is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, online (Web), Xbox, PlayStation and more. Visit to install in on your desired device.


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