Nickelodeon's Avatar franchise is expanding!!

Avatar The Last Airbender

Since the conclusion of The Legend of Korra, fans of the animated Avatar series from Nick studios have been craving for a new show. That thirst expanded to more people after The Last Airbender has made available on Netflix. If you are a part of that group then it's time to get excited.

A new division dedicated to creating new series and movies based on the Avatar universe has been announced by Nickelodeon. These new series and movies will be based on both The Last Airbender and The Legend Of Korra meaning, we could be seeing dedicated movies on some fan-favorite characters like Avatar Kiyoshi, Avatar Roku, Iroh, Bumi(both of them) and so many more. We could even see a show on the adventures of Aang after the defeat of Firelord Ozai which would be fantastic. 

The Legend Of Korra

The studio would be led by the original creators and executive producers Micheal DiMartino and Bryn Konietzo, and the works of this new studio will debut on Paramount+, Nickolodeon platforms, and other unspecified third-party platforms, as well as in cinemas. 

The possibilities are endless and lovers of everything Avatar are surely excited for what's to come.


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