Samsung TVs will come with solar-powered remote control

Samsung announced during its first press conference at CES—TVs with MicroLED a new display technology for "wall" televisions, a very capable competitor for OLED which has been very popular in smart TVs lately.

Samsung TVs will come with solar-powered remote control

MicroLED technology was first debuted in 2018 when Samsung unveiled "The Wall" TV set for industries but in the new variants, it is " ... delivering the MICRO LED experience in a traditional TV form for the first time"

The 110-inch TV already announced in December 2020, 99-inch and 88-inch are the three MicroLED powered televisions, in the form of wall screen TVs available for consumers. The company says, unlike the 2018 version, the new range of MicroLED TVs can be installed by customers themselves without the help of any special assistance but for such huge screens more than one person is needed are obviously mount these screens.

Samsung's environment-friendly TV remote

Samsung's Solar-Cell Powered Remote

The company also reiterated its commitment to "going green" during this event and made it very evident in its new TV remote controls. According to Samsung, all TVs released in 2021 will come with a Solar-cell powered remote control, compatible with both indoor and outdoor light, or USB in case either is not working as expected.

A major benefit of solar-powered remotes is (according to Samsung) to

“prevent waste from a projected 99 million AAA batteries over seven years.”

The remote itself is made from recycled plastics. Samsung's commitment to eco-friendly packaging this year is very clear—all Galaxy S21 series smartphones have been confirmed to ship without USB-charging adapters this year.


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