CES 2021: LG teases upcoming 'Rollable' phone!

LG Rollable CES 2021

2021 looks like it is shaping up to be another good year for smartphone innovation, with LG starting the year with a big announcement. Rumors we have been hearing have suggested that LG is working on what many consider to be the next big thing in terms of form factor, and they have just confirmed it. At CES 2021, LG has not only given us the name of the rollable phone they are working on, but have also given us a short teaser video of what the device may look like.

This design or form factor if done right would have the advantages of a foldable but without its biggest visual flaw, the crease in the middle. In the teaser, we see the device transform seamlessly from a tablet to a smartphone with the image or video on the screen adjusting to fit the screen all the way. The LG Rollable as LG calls it, is going to be another device where LG tries something new. They did that with the LG Wing which was definitely an interesting device and one that attracted a lot of eyeballs.

LG is not the company working on a rollable device. Both Oppo and TCL have rollable concept phones, and Samsung too is rumored to be working on their own rollable. So to all those saying smartphones are getting boring, do you still think that’s the case?


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