Samsung Galaxy S21 series officially announced: New ways to use your smartphone.

S21 Lineup

Samsung has just officially launched the new S21 line up of phones we have all been eagerly waiting for. In terms of specs everything matches up with what we already know, but Samsung has made some interesting moves. First off the devices have been priced reasonably by Samsung for the first time in a while, especially the S21 and S21+.

  • S21 starts at $799 with a 6.2” screen.
  • S21+ starts at $999 with a 6.7” screen.
  • S21 Ultra starts at $1199 with a 6.8” screen.

This drop in price could stem from the success of the S20 FE which was released last year and provided great value for money. The design of the S21 series that leaked was spot on again. The unique wrap-around camera design will surely attract attention anywhere you go.

  • S21 will come in  Phantom Violet, Phantom Pink, Phantom Gray, Phantom Red and Phantom White.
  • S21+ will come in Black, Silver, and Violet.
  • The S21 Ultra will come in Phantom Black, Phantom Brown, Phantom Titanium, Phantom Navy, and Phantom Silver.

S21 Ultra

The cameras on these devices have seen some fine improvement in ways that will benefit the average user. With a better photo-enhancing image processor, a more intelligent image signal processor, and a new auto white balance feature, your camera will be doing all the work for you. Yours is to point and shot. The S21 Ultra will have the best camera setup out of the three with a better 108MP sensor compare to its predecessor. It comes with impressive zoom capabilities of up to  10x optical zoom and a Space Zoom mode with 100x magnification. 

S21 Ultra Zoom Camera

The new processor coming with the S21 devices will see a 20% increase in Cpu performance, 35% increase in GPU performance, and 2x faster AI. The new 5nm processor found in the S21 allows for a more intelligent AI which is able to detect the situation and environment you are in and adjust the camera setting to give you the best possible photo.

This means you can take pictures with great dynamic range without being overexposed, whether there is light or not. This has the potential to be the best low light photography device. Samsung has also partnered with third-party app developers like Instagram and Snapchat to help their apps take advantage of all these new camera features.

S21 UltraS21 Ultra supports S Pen functionality.

Samsung has taken video seriously as well with the introduction of 8K allowing you to capture cinematic quality videos on your phone. Directors view is a new camera mode that allows you to see thumbnails from all your cameras while you shoot. This will allow you to change angles, zoom in, and do so much more.

The display has also seen some improvement with the introduction of the intelligent display which can adjust the screen refresh rate between 48Hz and 120Hz depending on what you are doing on your screen. This will give you a smooth experience without sacrificing your battery unnecessarily.

Privacy is a touchy subject these days but Samsung wants your data to be just that, yours. Therefore are introducing a Physical temper- resistant secure memory called Samsung Knox vault which will safely store your password, biometrics as well as other sensitive information. This ensures its safety from even advanced hardware attacks.

One UI 3

These devices will come with One UI 3 which promises a host of visual and efficiency improvements. You can now remove unwanted objects from a photo with a feature called Object Eraser in your gallery. Some other features include better customization, better handling of notifications, and a significantly easier way to transfer your data from an older phone to a new one. It also allows you to add pictures or videos to your call screen, as well as block calls or messages while gaming. One UI 3 seems to focus more on providing a seamless experience not only with your Samsung devices but your Microsoft and Google as well. You can now start a project on your phone and continue on your tablet or PC without any hustle. 

With the introduction of smart things, you can control your smart home devices from your phone. Google nest is compatible with smart things, and so is Android auto. Car has been added to smart things allowing you to do things like starting your engine, turning on your Car AC, and more. Due to the collaboration with Google, you can enjoy your favorite apps on your car's display, with access to the Google assistant too. It is now possible to control your home from the display of your car allowing you to turn your thermostat, AC, vacuum cleaner, washing machine or open your garage even before you get home. Another feature is Digital Key which will allow you to seamlessly open the door to your house or car without touching them. They will unlock when you get to them. You can also send this key to anyone else no matter how far away they are if you want them to use your home or car while you are away.

Samsung did confirm that there will be no charger in the box but can be bought at a lowered price separately. These devices are shaping to be a very important step forward for Samsung. With a new emphasis on seamlessness and a steeper collaboration with Google, we could finally be seeing a worthy opponent to Apple's ecosystem. 


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