You can now listen to Netflix movies like audio Podcasts

Netflix has again introduced yet another significant feature to their app this year, starting on android. 

Netflix adds audio-only mode for android

In a very recent android build of the app, there is now an audio-only mode for users–yes, you can now listen to Netflix videos just like you do for podcasts. If you've always wanted to listen to your documentaries while you do something else,  then this new feature will allow you to do just that.

Though you can as of now, play Netflix videos in the background by resuming it on the control center when you're out of the app, the audio-only mode actually saves you data since it disables the video playback unlike the former.

How to enable Netflix's audio-only mode

First spotted by the team at XDA Developers, the audio-only feature is only available for select Android users, and this is enabled for them on the server-side—meaning you might be using the latest version of the app but you probably won't see it. If you're among the early birds, here's how to enable it:
  1. Go to settings in the Netflix App
  2. You should see the Audio-only mode, tap on it
  3. Tap on either of the three options to set if and when to enable the audio-only mode

    Netlflix audio-only mode setting
    Image credits: Android Police

    • Always on - automatically toggles the audio-only mode for all videos
    • Headphones or External Speakers - toggles the audio-only mode for all videos when connected to an external output
    • Off - will keep video mode enabled until manually turned on
  4. After setting it up, try playing any video within the app
  5. The audio-only button should be at the top of the screen with "video on" disabled. You can use that to re-enable the video mode if you wish to switch back to normal mode.
Video on/off overlay button Netflix
Image credits: Android Police

Netflix has already added major features and services this year—the option to secure your Netflix profile with a PIN and free access to movies without a subscription


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