Twitter starts rolling out voice tweets to more iOS users - voice tweets will come to Android in 2021


Twitter starts rolling out voice tweets to more iOS users - voice tweets will come to Android in 2021

Online networking has seen a sharp increase in recent months, much like remote jobs. Even the extended 280 character limit of Twitter was no longer enough and its feature of voice tweets is aimed to enhance the experience. A few months ago, a very fanciful new feature was rolled out by Twitter that allowed users to attach voice messages to tweets much like videos would. Emojis are simply not enough to express the emotions of the sender, hence the feature is intended to give tweets more human touch. Ironically, it also alienated a  wide number of users of Twitter and revealed one faulty feature of the social networking giant that is now targeted at fixing voice tweets in future iterations.

Twitter Support confirmed that more iOS users will have voice tweets available "so that we can continue to learn about how people use audio." In the composed Tweet, iPhone users who have received voice tweets will see a new option. Users can tap and start recording a tweet using the voice tweets button. It will appear with the profile picture of the user when the voice tweet is posted and others may simply press play.

The feature's reception was a bit mixed, partly due to its limited availability, but mainly due to what it did not include. Long story short, as no translations were available, there was no way for deaf users to know what was said in the audio tweet. Twitter is now focusing on making transcripts available for speech tweets in addition to text tweets. This update comes after Twitter received criticism for failing to provide voice tweet accessibility features. It has also apologized for the same thing.

It is still unclear when such transcriptions will arrive. Voice Tweets still remain unavailable on Android, where, in the absence of an official Twitter one, Pixel owners will possibly make use of one of the phone's live caption functions. And, no, soon, you still won't be able to edit tweets.


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