You can now find songs on Spotify by lyrics

You can now find songs on Spotify by lyrics

Spotify has just added a new feature on their mobile app which will now allow iOS and Android users to search for songs using their lyrics, a feature which has been on Apple Music two years prior. The competition for dominance within the various music streaming platforms particularly between Apple (Music) and Spotifyobviously the biggest giants—is still not so healthy as Spotify recently criticized the new Apple One bundle for being "anti-competitive".

Earlier today, a Spotify Engineer put a tweet to confirm the new update on their mobile app where the results of matching lyrics are highlighted with a label: "Lyrics match"

This new feature solves a major problem for music lovers who are unable to recollect exactly, the title of songs as they will be able to find the specific songs if they know the lyrics. Aside from the introduction of real-time lyrics in 2018 thanks to a partnership with Musixmatch, this useful feature is the only major "lyrics update" since.


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