Here's why you shouldn't buy a laptop...yet

Thinking about buying a laptop? I think you could least not now considering that intel released their next gen(Tiger Lake)CPUs for laptops and they even beat AMD's Ryzen 4000 series in single core performance. 

Intel has made some claims about their 11th Gen "Tiger Lake" laptop CPUs being the world’s best processors for thin-and-light laptops, delivering up to 2.7x faster content creation, more than 20% faster office productivity and more than 2x faster gaming plus streaming in real-world workflows over competitive products. 

This basically means not only does it provide a boost in performance compared to Intel's 10th Gen processors but beats anything on the market currently and this claim is backed up by benchmarks below. A demo shown during Intel’s announcement showed an 11th Gen chip offering similar or better graphics performance than a 10th Gen chip working simultaneously with an Nvidia MX350 GPU. It also has support for 8K HDR displays among other things. For in depth information, click here.

The new chips also offer better battery life even though they are built on the same 10nm as the current 10th Gen Ice Lake models, but it upgrades to the Willow Core architecture with a new “10nm SuperFin design” that Intel says will offer better speeds at lower power consumption. Laptops with any one of these 11 chips will mostly likely come with an Intel evo badge which promises a lot apart from the following:
  • Consistent responsiveness on battery.
  • System wake from sleep in less than 1 second.
  • Nine or more hours of real-world battery life on systems with FHD displays
  • Fast charging with up to a four-hour charge in under 30 minutes on systems with FHD displays
For more information on Intel Evo which you should really be interested in, click here.

You should look out for the new chips on a wide variety of laptops in the coming weeks. The first of these products, like Samsung’s Galaxy Book Flex 5G, Acer’s refreshed Swift 5 and Swift 3, and Asus’ newest ZenBooks, have already been announced, with release dates as early as this fall(dry season).

ModelCores/ ThreadsGraphicsGraphics (EUs)WattsBase Frequency (GHz)Single Core Turbo (GHz)All Core Turbo (GHz)Cache
Core i7-1185G74C/8TIntel Iris Xe9612-28W3.04.84.312MB
Core i7-1165G74C/8TIntel Iris Xe9612-28W2.84.74.112MB
Core i5-1135G74C/8TIntel Iris Xe8012-28W2.44.23.88MB
Core i3-1125G44C/8TIntel UHD Graphics4812-28W2.03.73.38MB
Core i3-1115G42C/4TIntel UHD Graphics4812-28W3.04.14.18MB
Core i7-1160G74C/8TIntel Iris Xe967-15W1.24.43.612MB
Core i5-1130G74C/8TIntel Iris Xe807-15W1.14.03.48MB
Core i3-1120G44C/8TIntel UHD Graphics487-15W1.13.53.08MB
Core i3-1110G42C/4TIntel UHD Graphics487-15W1.83.93,96MB


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