Apple bans nearly 30,000 apps and games in China

Apple bans nearly 30,000 apps and games in China

Apple has just banned close to 30,000 apps and games on the Chinese App Store due to regulatory requirements; a move which on the surface will look to bolster the recent criticisms against the company on the issue that Apple is a "puppet" of China which is unfair—generally, it is appropriate that every business complies with the laws of the state within which they operate while ensuring their operations are in-line with these requirements and Apple is doing just that, at least, in my view.

Earlier this year, the Chinese government as part of their activities to properly regulate operators within the country declared that all applications needed to be licensed in order to operate. Apple responded by issuing a statement to developers and publishers giving them the end of June as the deadline to get this over the line but unfortunately many failed to get this sorted.

According to Reuters, data from Qimai, a research company revealed that over 26,000 games and 3800 more apps were removed from the Chinese App Store. Though small and medium scale developers were expected to be majorly affected by this new development since securing a business certificate would be a bit tough, the big surprises were prominent brands like Supercell, the makers of Clash of Clans and Zynga, who were among the affected.

Huawei still remains banned from doing business with US companies but is still thriving without Google, at least for now so we await the response from Supercell especially on this, and how it is going to impact their profits.


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