How to survive without Google Services.

Huawei no longer has access to GMS therefore their new devices can not come with our favorite pre-installed Google apps. We all know the downsides of not having these apps due to their importance, making these incredible devices a lot less appealing. But, this doesn’t mean its impossible to use a Huawei device, as there are certain things you can do to get almost everything you would have with GMS Andriod. Here are a few ways to get the best out of your HMS Andriod.

Huawei App Gallery.

Huawei claims AppGallery is now the third-largest app store in the ...
This is Huawei's very own app store similar to the Google Play store and the IOS App Store. It comes pre-installed on your Huawei device and has a lot of apps. There are definitely some apps on the Google Play Store which would not be found here. There is even an option in the app gallery called wish list, which would let Huawei know the apps of the highest priority. This tells Huawei to work on getting the developers of these apps to port them onto their app gallery. And when they do, the apps will be automatically installed on your device.

Phone Clone.

Huawei Phone Clone APK – Download | Huawei Advices
This is a must-have for anyone moving from an old device. It would allow you to transfer your apps from your old device to your new device. It is quite simple to use and all you need to do is select the type of device you used previously(ios included). Scan the QR code generated by your new phone's clone app using your old device. After that, you select the apps that you want to transfer to your new device. Both phones must have the phone clone app but if your old device was a Huawei device, then it will already have it.

More Apps. 

Huawei More Apps - YouTube
This a very useful app that will enable you to get almost every app you don’t find on the Huawei App Gallery. It will give a list of all the popular apps you may need as well as links to either install the application itself or the web shortcut. So apps like Netflix, Spotify, and Twiter are all available to install. You will need to download the moreapps app from the Huawei app gallery as well as give permission to install apps from third-party sources when the option to do so pops up. You may also need to install Apkpure as most of the apps not available on the Huawei app gallery can be found there.


You can sign in to your Gmail account through Huawei's native email app. This will allow you to do everything you could do with the Gmail app. It doesn’t work for Gmail only though as Outlook, Yahoo, and many others work as well.

If you are willing to do all this, then you can still enjoy the great experience Huawei provides through its devices.
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