Google will ban ads from coronavirus conspiracy pages

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As the health crisis has continued to escalate across the world, the world's largest search engine has revised its policies regarding ads and conspiracies. Google will ban ads promoting coronavirus conspiracy theories, remove ads from pages that promote these theories, and demonetize entire sites that frequently violate the policy.
Google already bans advertisements that have misleading content such as "miracle" health remedies or encourage movements against vaccination. This also prevents advertising from running on content from publishers that promote these topics.

A Google representative affirmed that the new strategy will cover pages repudiating a "legitimate logical accord" on the coronavirus pandemic. While Google as of now demonetizes bogus wellbeing claims, it will before long do likewise for bogus cases about the infection's sources. The strategy won't affect pages exposing or providing details regarding the presence of these speculations, and it doesn't have any significant bearing to non-coronavirus-related paranoid fears
The company permits certain foundations to run advertisements about the coronavirus pandemic, including government associations and medicinal services suppliers,  to prevent activities like price-gouging on medical supplies.
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