Google will use authenticated logos to lessen Gmail phishing

Google will use authenticated logos to lessen Gmail phishing

The only thing that ensures that your messages get to the right people is email verification. Each of those efforts you put in to talk to your family, friends or customers will only be productive if they receive your messages.

Google has announced a wide number of security updates aimed at G-Suite administrators, like administrator improvements, but perhaps the biggest announcement is about Gmail. Google will demo a new feature in Gmail showing the image of a brand as an avatar to let you know that an email is genuine, the company has announced.

Basically, it seems to be a lot like the verified stamps that have multiplied across social media platforms, except when you see them, it's not going to be a blue check, it's going to be the company logo that sent the text, as seen with CNN above.

Ever wondered how e-mails are authenticated? 

According to Google, emails are authenticated using the existing DMARC system, and then there is certification that applies the associated logo, which hopefully gives people confidence that an email comes from the company or person it claims to represent. Google said it would launch a pilot of the innovation pilot inside Gmail soon.

The company also announced a broad number of other security measures for its video conferencing apps, chatting and enterprise:

  • Uninvited participants will never again be allowed to attempt to "knock" and rejoin the meeting in the wake of being thrown out of it. In addition, meeting hosts are getting additional security measures on how and how people can join the meetings.
  • Links believed to be suspicious will be flagged in chatrooms.
  • Administrators of G Suite are getting new and enhanced controls over their service suite


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