FIFA 21 Release Date, Cover Star and More confirmed!

EA Sports just launched another franchise trailer, a reveal of FIFA 21 was just streamed by EA sports. Apparently, this year's reveal was earlier than usual as a result of community opinions. The FIFA community made many complaints about FIFA 20 which in my personal opinion has led EA Sports to make this early reveal. It's a great way for FIFA to tell their fans there would be a promising update that might finally bring excitement back into the game as compared to latest entry in the franchise. This year, FIFA is branding its franchise with the black and white colors in line with their culture of adopting different colors every year. Fan-favorite Kylian Mbappe will be on the cover of the upcoming game.
Volta Football is a new mode that was introduced in FIFA 20. Apparently, it didn't live up to the expectations of fans forcing EA to spike up Volta Football even better with an online mode which allows users around the world to connect to enjoy games and test their skills. And with new skill moves, players can take their games to the next level. Players are given new ways of celebrating their goals with new celebrations this year, specifically included Erling Haaland's celebration know as the Lotus pose or Sukhasan in yoga.
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Hopefully, FIFA has heard the complaints from the community and is going to bring us much more excitement in this year's franchise. FIFA 21 will come out October 21st this year. Pre-order to play early!
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