In one of my previous posts, I explained the state of Captcha's in modern-day and how annoying they have become (read here in case you missed). Today I'm giving you a quick fix: When you get the "I'm not a robot" reCAPTCHA message, just click on the “Why did this happen?" Link. Alternatively, you can go to this Sorry Page of Google anytime to see the reasons.

If you are always getting interrupted then here are some tips to fix "I’m not a robot" issue in Google search.

1. IP Address

Google blocks the search results based on the originating IP address. There are large numbers of databases maintained publicly and by private companies to keep track of the suspicious IP addresses. If there are any suspicious activities from your IP address and is marked for spam then Google will throw the reCAPTCHA message and stop you for verification. You can disconnect the internet connection and reconnect since ISPs assign IP address dynamically.

2. Check Your Network

Sometimes the Internet Service Provider (ISP) masks the IP address and track your browsing activities. This will cause the complete network of IP addresses used by that ISP to get blocked by security systems like reCAPTCHA used by Google. If you face the CAPTCHA on every instance then approach your ISP and clarify with them on the issue.

3. Use of VPN

Virtual Private Network (or VPN) hides your IP address and route the traffic from a different location. This is used to access the blocked websites and also used mainly for hiding the originating IP address to do illegal activities. Use of VPN is illegal in many countries due to the nature of usage. Though you may use for good purposes, the entire server may not be clean or blacklisted.

4. Using Proxy

Similar to ISP and VPN, the proxy server you use can also cause you the trouble as illegal activities might be identified through that proxy server. Don’t use unreliable proxy servers on your browser to route all traffic through them. On Windows 10, you can press windows key and go to "Settings > Network & Internet" option. Here you can disable all proxy and VPN connections.

5. Use Google Public DNS

Another problem in the network could be your DNS. Domain Name System or DNS helps to resolve the numeric IP address of a website to a hostname. The DNS problem could be from your computer settings or from the ISP's or from the VPN's private DNS. Though corrupted DNS will not cause reCAPTCHA message it will slow down the connection.

6. Slowdown Your Clicks

If you are not using VPN, proxy and your IP and ISP are good then the most probable cause could be the unusual clicks from you. When you enter the keyword and hit the enter key very fast, Google will match your activity with the automated bots and stop you.
Though this is strange, slowdown your mouse clicks and speed and use normal speed to avoid the CAPTCHA message.

9. Search Like Human Not Robots

Again, this may embarrass you!!! But there are lot of differences between the search behaviors of humans and automated robots. Especially when you are already signed in with your Google account, it is easy for Google to understand you are human.

Finally, Google will only stop with CAPTCHA message when there are unusual traffic activities detected. Once the unusual activity is stopped Google will allow you to search normally. So if you are seeing the message frequently then definitely there is something wrong.
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