iOS 14 revealed with re-designed homescreen with widgets, translate app and more!

Apple announced iOS 14 at this year's World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) during the keynote today. The highly anticipated event kicked off with a brief intro by CEO Tim Cook. The new OS includes so many exciting feature additions to the home screen, Siri and one or two updates to some of the stock iOS apps like Maps, Messages and more!

iOS 14 revealed with re-designed homescreen with widgets, translate app and more!

New features in iOS 14

Here are the major features in the new OS

Home Screen & Widgets

In iOS 14, you can now add widgets of different sizes on your home screen, close to your apps. Apple has added a "Widget Gallery" which will enable users to easily browse, customize (adjust the sizes and view), and add widgets to not only the lock screen notification centre but now, the home screen and control centre. 

iOS 14 home screen widgets

App Library

Similar to the the "Today view" on iOS 13 and below,  Apple has added a new view known as the App Library which automatically organizes and groups apps according to their functions and sorts them according to their recency and frequency of usage that's to the "Smart Stack".

Picture-in-Picture for videos!

Apple has finally enabled a system-wide picture-in-picture (PiP) for videos. This will enable videos to float over applications, can be easily moved around the screen and resized so you can watch and use other apps at the same time. If there's one feature I personally have been waiting so long for, this is it.

Picture-In-Picture for iOS 14


Siri would now be able to send audios as messages notwithstanding simply dictated text messages. and your digital assistant will no longer take over your whole screen when you toggle it to make a command.

A new Translate App

Apple additionally revealed a new Translate app for iOS. Much like any other translation application, the app will enable users easily to translate images, texts and even audio from 11 different languages (as of now) to texts. It also designed to enable users with different languages to easily communicate. 


New features have also been included in Apple's Messages app. You can now pin favourite chats to the top, like in WhatsApp and Telegram. In group chats, Apple has added threaded replied and you can directly reply and mention anyone--notifications will be sent for this action. Face masks and others have been added to Memoji accessories.

Car Play

Custom wallpapers can be set for Car Play and a few apps have been added. You can now unlock and start your cars with your iPhone thanks to the CarKey feature with the help of NFC. 

Appstore: App Clip

Apple is likewise propelling another new feature dubbed "App Clip". This will enable you to install and run a faster and light-weight version of the app (usually around 10 MB) in order to use to easily access a feature of need in the app without necessarily installing the whole app.  Apple has integrated Apple Pay and Sign-In, therefore you will be able to easily access these apps when the card appears on your screen after scanning a unique code provided by Apple or it's corresponding NFC tag.

iOS 14 App Clip new feature

The new OS will be publicly available later this year but the beta version for developers is live. Here's how to become a beta tester if you're not and how to install the new OS.


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