Meet MacOS Big Sur: Apple's new macOS update with exciting features!

Apple has announced a bunch of new updates coming to its various devices including MacBooks which should get users excited. The new version of  macOS is going to be known as Big Sur will come with a couple of neat and useful updates.

Apple mainly focused on the looks and appearance when making this update as a lot of thought has gone into streamlining certain apps to look better. According to apple, this is the biggest redesign the os has had since macOS 10. A lot of the new designs made to apps and windows will look familiar to users of iPhones since the design elements have been borrowed from Apple's mobile platform. This will undoubtedly make it easier for uses of ios to use and get acquainted with Big Sur. The popular customizable control center available on ios where you can do things like change brightness and toggle the Do Not Disturb feature will now be available to Mac users. There will also be a new notification area where related notifications will be grouped together to offer a better and more convenient experience when looking through your notifications.

Apps like Mail, Photos, Notes, and more have all received new designs giving them a more modern look and feel. The Dock button icons have also received a new look bringing them closer in terms of appearance to the ones found on ios. 

“The entire experience feels more focused, fresh, and familiar, reducing visual complexity and bringing users’ content front and center”, says Apple. 

This move by Apple seeks to create consistency across all their platform making easier to move from device to device in their ecosystem with ease.

Safari has also been given a big update with Apple stating that the browser is going to be 50 percent faster than its main alternative, Google chrome. The browser will now allow you to customize your start page and will have the ability to automatically translate and interpret whole webpages in seven languages. A devoted extension store is also coming along with support for extensions made for other browsers but with the added functionality which allows the user to choose the sites in which your extensions run on.

MacOs’s store is also getting some privacy updates. Apps on the store will now specify the types of data the app may collect and if said data will be shared with third parties for tracking. New Privacy Report will detail the actions taken by safari to prevent sites from tracking. 

Swift has been updated to make it easier for developers to develop apps that are flexible enough to work throughout the ecosystem while giving them the ability to create custom features for the mac platform.

This is a great update by apple as it seeking to make their ecosystem even more of a wholesome experience than it already is by bringing the experience closer together when moving from platform to platform.

Here is a list of Macs compatible with Big Sur:

  • 2015 and later MacBook
  • 2013 and later MacBook Air
  • 2013 and later MacBook Pro
  • 2014 and later Mac mini
  • 2014 and later iMac
  • 2017 and later iMac Pro
  • 2013 and later Mac Pro

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