You can now send voice notes on Twitter!

Twitter has low-key added a new feature that allows users to include voice notes in their tweets.

Audio tweets / voice notes on Twitter

Telegram, Whatsapp, Instagram and almost every social media site or platform enables users to share several types of media files--aside videos and images, 'audio messages' is among the most used and has become a necessity in that regard. This a very good addition as it a feature that has been frequently requested by Twitter users. In an official tweet today, the company announced the feature which is currently 'limitedly' available on iOS for now.


How to send audio tweets

The new voice notes feature is just as easy as sending an image or a video on the app. 
  1. 1. Tap on the 'compose tweet button'
  2. 2. In the menu, you'll see a new purple audio waveform button next to the camera. Tap on it.
    Send audio tweet button

  3. 3. Tap on the mic button which appears, record the voice note and send it as a tweet. 

As stated earlier, for now, the new functionality is only available on Twitter for iOS for some users, so be patient as it is gradually being rolled out for all other users (if you are not seeing it yet). There is no official date from twitter regarding the release of this feature on Android and on the web version of twitter but it is a very exciting one! 
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