Samsung's Exynos Processor surpasses Qualcomm's Snapdragon in performance!

Exynos and AMD graphics

It is well documented that Samsung's in house SoC, the Exynos, is not on the same level as the Snapdragon from Qualcomm or A Bionic from Apple in single-core, multi-core, and GPU performance, therefore it was not used in all variants of the Galaxy S20. This meant that some Samsung devices may come with the more powerful Snapdragon or the less so Exynos based on region. Paying the same price for a device which is not as powerful as another version of that same device is not ideal for users, especially since the various test has proved that the difference is noticeable under heavy use. Battery life which is very important to every user is also worse on the Exynos powered devices. 

This moved owners of Samsung device to write a petition to Samsung to either make their processors better or stop using at all, and Samsung has listened. There were rumours that Samsung had started making moves to help make their processors as good as the Snapdragon or even better. 

First off, they were going to change the 7nm chipset they used in favour of a 5nm one which would increase performance. They were also going to ditch the custom mongoose cores they used which consumed more power in favour of ARMs version which is the same one used by Qualcomm in their chipsets. The Mali GPU also used in the Exynos is considerably less powerful when compared to  Adreno. But the biggest surprise  was their partnership with AMD to bring their GPU technology to Samsung SoCs.
Samsung AMD GPU VS Adreno 650 benchmarks

We knew in theory that these changes would make Exynos better but due to the lack of numbers to judge from we could only speculate, until now. We have a benchmark showing the Exynos with the AMD technology alongside the snapdragon Adreno GPU, and the results are astonishing, to say the least. The numbers show more than double fps in graphic performance on the Exynos which is impressive since a few months ago the roles were reversed.

Nintendo Switch with Exynos

Samsung has a lot of believing in the future of its SoCS as rumours point to a partnership between Samsung and Google where Google is going to be using Exynos processors in their future devices. The chip is so powerful to the extent that even Nintendo is considering dropping the Nvidia Tegra graphics used in the Nintendo switch in favour of Samsung and AMD’s new chipset. AMD is a big name in the GPU world, prove of this is sony going their RDNA architecture for the PS5, so these huge improvements are totally feasible.

These are exciting times for anyone looking to get any future Samsung flagships as it could be as powerful, if not more power than both the snapdragon and the A Bionic from Qualcomm and Apple respectively. It may be too early to see these new changes in the Galaxy Note 20, but we are fairly certain that we are going to see it in the Galaxy S21 next year.

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