Samsung is being pressured to change their smartphone processors!

Samsung is being pressured to change their smartphone processors!

Samsung Exynos chip vs Qualcomm SnapDragon

Samsung is the second-biggest smartphone maker in the world and there is no doubt that they make some of the best devices you can find in today's market. But over the years, there have been complaints saying some of their devices perform better than others. By this, we mean, for example, two people can be using a Samsung Galaxy S20, but one will be faster, more efficient and may even have a better camera sensor than the other even though both devices will go for around the same price. This is quite unfair as certain users are held back by the capabilities of the devices even though they pay so much for it while others enjoy their devices like it was meant. This issue pops up every year.

Samsung releases any of its flagship devices but this year, a petition for Samsung to stop selling devices with Exynos chips which have proven to be inferior to its competitors has been presented. But why is there this issue in the first place?

It mainly has to do with the processors (System on chip) that Samsung use on their devices, which are not the same. Based on your region, you can either get an Exynos chipset or a Qualcomm made Snapdragon chipset, and this is what causes the disparity in performance. The Exynos chipset is produced by Samsung themselves and is inferior to the Snapdragon produced by Qualcomm in areas of performance such as CPU, GPU and the combination of the two. So if you are not in regions like the US, China or Canada, it's likely your S20 is running on an inferior processor.

Snapdragon and Exynos Performance

Samsung does this because it is cheaper to use its own in house materials or parts than to buy it from other manufacture. The average user will not notice any difference between a device with an Exynos and one with a Snapdragon but this can not be said for power users like gamers. Therefore the need for this petition. It is basically telling Samsung to either get their inhouse chipset as well as other parts like the camera sensor on par with that of their competitors or to ditch it altogether.

Samsung is already aware of this issue and is making moves to fix it. They announced a partnership with AMD to bring their Radeon graphics to Exynos which will definitely bring its GPU (graphics and video) performance on par with that of the Snapdragon at the least. Samsung is also going to be using the same ARM architecture which Qualcomm uses on their chipsets so they’re going to get better.

We could see this new look Exynos processors from 2021 which is good to know because the petition has been getting a lot of traction and has about 150,000 signatures at the time of writing.

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