#TRENDING10 - Top 10 Tech News / Trends of the Week #16: Sony, PlayStation 5, Apple, OnePlus 8 and more!

This week's trending Tech News includes news about the possible new budget phone king, short supply of Sony's new console on the launch day and more.

#TRENDING10 - Top 10 Tech News / Trends of the Week #16

 PlayStation 5 supply could be limited at launch due to high price

Would you pay up to $549 for one?
Are you hoping to buy a PlayStation 5 at launch? It might be a struggle. According to a new report, Sony will limit the next-gen machine’s initial production run, meaning there will be fewer units available at release than there were PlayStation 4 consoles back in 2013 due to the coronavirus. You can read more about it here

Apple in April 2020 unveiled a new low-cost iPhone, the iPhone SE, which is a follow-up to the 2016 iPhone SE of the same name. Like its predecessor, the 2020 iPhone SE is Apple's most affordable iPhone, priced starting at $399 which could see it take the crown with good specifications and a low price for an Apple iPhone. you can find out more here.

In a virtual event which took place today (April 13th, 2020), the Government of Ghana unveiled a new app to help control the spread of the novel coronavirus in the country by identifying and locating citizens who show symptoms of the virus and easily linking them with health professionals for treatment if necessary. It was reported a few days ago that Apple and Google have joined forces to make a similar app.

Bill Gates draws intense fire in coronavirus conspiracy theories
Bill Gates has reportedly become a prime target for conspiracy theories and misinformation related to the coronavirus pandemic. Posts on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter about the Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist falsely claim he created COVID-19, is looking to profit from a vaccine or is behind a "plot to use the illness to cull or surveil the global population." You can find out how Bill Gates handled the situation here.

OnePlus never disappoints every year when it comes to releasing their devices and this year is no different apart from the fact they are joining the flagship price market. The concept of getting flagship specs for considerably less money than the competition is what's helped OnePlus stand out from other brands but it seems those days are gone with the introduction of the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro priced at $699 and $899(starting prices). It seems OnePlus is trying to make a statement and you can read more about it here.

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