Government of Ghana launches new COVID-19 Tracker app

Government of Ghana launches new COVID-19 tracker app
Ghana's Coronavirus Tracker App

In a virtual event which took place today (April 13th, 2020), the Government of Ghana unveiled a new app to help control the spread of the novel coronavirus in the country by identifying and locating citizens who show symptoms of the virus and easily linking them with health professionals for treatment if necessary. It was reported a few days ago that Apple and Google have joined forces to make a similar app.

During the virtual concert, the Vice President of the country H.E. Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia officially launched the mobile app along with the country's Ministers of Communication, Health, and a few popular artists within the country.

“If you look at the current spread of the pandemic, it suggests that the virus has a mind of all. It will, therefore, require innovative ideas such as the application of technology to deal with this fundamental. If Ghana hopes to flatten the curve or to stop the surgeon numbers of people being infected.” - H.E. Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia

How the GH COVID-19 Tracker App works

The Ghana COVID-19 Tracker app is fundamentally an easy to use questionnaire app that enables users to self-access and report their symptoms. Access to your device's location (GPS) and Bluetooth services for the "optimum functionality" of the app will be required. 

Your personal data including your age-range, email and phone number, and more will be collected among the fields of the questionnaire but will not be shared under circumstance according to the app's terms of service

Other relevant questions including your health and travel history and whether you have been directly or indirectly associated with anyone tested positive for the virus will also be asked then a final "Risk Assessment" or advice will be given based on your answers.

Risk Management: Feedback from Ghana's COVID-19 Tracker app

How to install the application

As at the time of writing, the app is not yet available on the Google Play Store nor the App Store on iOS but the APK can be download and installed from the apps' official website. It was promised during the virtual launch event to make it available on the stores by the close of the week.

All other citizens in the country who do not have access to smartphones will not be able to install the app. For iOS users (as at now) who still need to use the app,  the Government has also partnered with all mobile service providers to make available a USSD code *769# -- this will provide an almost similar experience of the app via USSD.

The app is fully owned by the government of Ghana, a very positive digital response in the fight of the pandemic aside all other efforts being made. In the end, individual efforts and sacrifices will be the final decider of the current global battle so, stay at home.
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