How the new iPhone SE will affect Samsung and other Android phones

New 2020 iPhone SE.

Apple makes great products in general, but it is no secret that their devices and products have been going go for exorbitant prices for the longest time. As to whether their products are worth such prices is left for you to decide. That does not stop Apple from selling thousands of iPhones every year making them one of if not the biggest tech company in the world.  Take, for instance, the wheels for the new Mac Pro goes for $700, which is enough money to get you tires for your vehicle.

Due to this reputation they have garnered for themselves, it took everyone by surprise when they decided to release a new iPhone with a $400 price tag. Yes, you read that right! The second generation of the iPhone SE has gone on sale and it cost less than $800. The iPhone SE was a big hit when it was first released by Apple some years ago and fans have been demanding that Apple releases a new version of that device and their wishes have been finally granted. The iPhone SE is popular for one reason, and that is its size. In a world where smartphones are getting bigger year on year, customers who prefer devices with a smaller screen that can be used comfortably with one hand are understandably excited for this device. 

Camera set for iPhone SE.

It also comes with the latest A13 bionic chip which is the same chip found on the higher end iPhone 11 pro with an “iPhone level” camera and image processing software. But how does the release of this device affect Android OEMs? Well, as stated early, Apple is known for its expensive devices and therefore Apple is absent in the mid-range to low budget device territory. Yes, it is true that with the release of every new iPhone, the older models are bumped down in price but they are not as appealing anymore because they do not have the latest hardware. However, with the release of the iPhone SE, Apple has entered that market and has made an argument for their device. The problem of not having enough money to get an Apple device with the latest and fastest processor is no more. This could affect the market share of the likes of Samsung, Huawei and another Android OEM's massively since they can't compete with Apple when it comes to sales in the flagship category.

It is very apparent at first glance that the new iPhone SE looks like an iPhone 8 with the apple logo dropped down to the middle, with huge top and bottom bezels the device looks like it belongs in 2013. When aesthetically compared to devices like the Samsung Galaxy S20 and the One Plus 8, the device looks completely outdated and out of place. Looks have become essential factor to consider when getting a device. Therefore in this department, the new iPhone SE fails to impress. 

Front and back view of the iPhone SE

But does that matter though? The answer to that question is yes, but not enough. I say this because yes, there are a number of people like me, who consider looks when getting a smartphone. But compared to the average “non-techie” person, who makes up the majority of people, looks don’t matter. All they need is a new device with an Apple logo, that can comfortably fit in one hand, and take great photos as well, and the SE does just that.
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