Our Memes of the Week #5

Our Memes of the Week #5 - KObe Bryant
It's the month of February, the Month of Love. Apparently, the smell of love is in the air. Somebody has to describe what that smells like. Probably, I'll need to get these chips out of the way, get off the couch and find a boo. That's not happening. Let's get to the memes before these tears leave my eyes... 

January 2020 Meme

Nokia 3310 Meme
This is too brutal even for Endgame

Maths Meme
Mind blown🤯

Wireless Earphones Meme
How are you supposed to use two tho...

iPhone Meme
Now this is too much

Earphones Meme

Weird Discovery Meme
I don't even wanna imagine, lol....

Exams Meme
99 days for the Thief, One day for the STD😂

Maths Teacher Meme
Maths Teachers stay buggin😂😂

Bestsellers, NY Times Meme
I'd like to test out this theory...

Exams Meme
In college, you take this as a sign...

Interview, Unemployment Meme

Product Prices Meme
I need that cent😤

Penguins Meme

Dad Photos Meme

The disrespect😐

Meaning of Life Meme

Just Friends Meme

Employment Meme
I would but I need that cheque

Moms vs Teens Meme
And then the extremely long convo...lmao

Prayers up for all those involved🙏🕊

Please cherish every moment with your loved ones, tomorrow is not promised.
Need more memes.... Look no further
More the same time next week.

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