Our Memes of the Week (Double Week Edition): Dolly Parton Challenge

Our Memes of the Week (Double Week Edition): Dolly Parton Challenge
NB: Errm, last week we didn't release a meme post. Do we have a reason? Nope. Are we sorry? Kinda😐. So if you accept our apology, keep scrolling. If not, pretend you never saw this, aaand keep SCROLLING...

Windows 7 Meme
 It's a sad time for Millenials and a couple of Boomers😂. Windows 7 is getting kicked to the curb😪. A moment of silence for a GOAT. Let's drown our sorrow in deez nuts  my bad, I meant memes
We compiled the best of the Dolly Parton Challenge. Keep scrolling...

Reading Comments, Tom and Jerry Meme
Why do the oddest things seem so appealing at such times...

Taking a Nap, Squidward Meme
Every Sunday afternoon...

Camouflage Meme
This got me looking over my shoulder every minute

Taking Pictures vs Mirror Meme
So I might not be ugly fo real
I just need a bigger mirror😁

3D Printers, FBI Meme

Arguments with Mom, Spongebob Meme
"Je t'ai porté pendant 9 mois"
"Te llevé por 9 meses"
"Watashi wa 9 kagetsu-kan anata o hakonda"

Apple Products and Price Meme
Once again; "You f*cking donkey"

Loading Screen Meme
Bro deserves more..

Cheating on a Test Meme
University: "physical silence" but "mental uproar"

Scissors Meme
I'm lost for words

 Math Teachers Meme
And they never seem to finish teaching too..

Dog Meme
I don't play them games...

Exams Meme
Hmm... So it isn't just me...

Class Grups Memes

Shutting down PC Meme
Thugs don't have all day

Work Promotions Meme
She or He has gotten raised enough

Incognito Mode Meme
We all know what we've used Incognito Mode for...

Maturity Meme
Every single time😂😂

Math Problems Meme

Dolly Parton posted this snap on Instagram during this week, with a caption "Get you a woman who can do it all";

and Social Media went crazy. Here are few celebs, people, animals, objects, food😋 who recreated the epic snap

Will Smith IG
Will Will Smith will always kill it...

Ellen Degeneres DollyParton Challenge
😂She went all out for Tinder

Conan O'Brien Dolly Parton Challenge
Something ain't right here

Gordon Ramsay Dolly Parton Challenge
He should have switched LinkedIn with IG

Dolly Parton Challenge
This banana doing way too much

Dolly Parton Challenge
Same for this Pencil🔞

Dolly Parton Challenge
"Stomach rumbles"

Dolly Parton Challenge
What did Facebook do to y'all
I know but that bad...lmao

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