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Today Faceless, Ghanaian-based app makes its debut on iOS following its earlier roll out on Android last year. Faceless is an interesting social networking app that connects people around you and starts you off completely anonymous.

Faceless comes equipped with standard social features like feed, notification, profiles. It achieves optimal levels of performance and lets users post anonymous blurbs that can be seen by nearby users.

Just like Reddit and Jodel, users can give others karma by up or downvoting their posts. Additionally, you get your feed based on users in your location. My experience on the platform was quite unfavourable as it appeared some users were taking advantage of the anonymous feature to flood the community with flagged posts.

We had the privilege to test the the app is beta and our feedback was immediately addressed so we all we can say now is the first public release is okay. You can also report bugs and suggestions from within the app. 

It wasn't all bad, in fact, the most upvoted comment I saw was from someone complaining about school reopening. Before you post on Faceless, you have to agree to their posting rules, which include no sharing of personal data, no bullying or harassment, no hate speech and no reposting. We had the opportunity to test the app a few works ago when it was in beta. We're yet to learn more about its security policies and will update this piece if we hear back.

Faceless was created last year and has a growing community of teenagers and students. It is currently available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Hopefully, as it grows its user-base, more diverse group of people will start filling the app with the same variety of posts that made other social media platforms a hit. Now the big question will be whether Faceless, which has been featured in our list of "must-have" apps for iOS 2020 can take off despite its late start.

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