#Trending10 - Top 10 tech news / trends of the week #1 (January 2020)

What's trending in Tech, discover what's hot in technology this past week.

#Trending10 - Top 10 tech news / trends of the week #1 (January 2020)

New week, new month, new year and a new decade. Will we start the journey to the internet we deserve? How will AI and other tech trends impact our lives in 2020? These are some questions we will address in the course of the year. Let's see what the year has got to offer. Here's a recap of everything that happened in tech last year.

1. Snapchat down for some users

Snapchat was down on New Year's Eve 2020 with thousands of users complaining of a major outage which hit the popular messaging app. Snapchat confirmed the app was hit by issues on its Twitter page.

2. Is it still worth it to spend $1000 on a smartphone?

Companies are coming up with powerful devices day in day out, making it difficult to choose when its time for a new device or to change an existing one. This competition is not a bad thing at all since it pushes companies to make better devices but must we spend $1000 on a handset? Read more.

3. Firefox browser will now let you delete all data it collects in its upcoming version

Make sure to update your Firefox browser on January 7 to delete your data from Firefox. More information here.  Maybe 2020 is the year these tech giants will fully comply with granting users more control over their data and privacy. 

4. Apple will allow you to engrave emojis on your AirPods case

Apple's first move of 2020 was one thing we least expected, one to spiff up your AirPods case. Apple is now expanding the options of customizing your AirPods by including the option of engraving the case with emojis on the Apple Store online for free.  Read more.

5. Samsung reveals S10 and Note 10 Lite, its new budget flagships

Samsung revealed the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 Lite on January 3rd ahead of CES 2020. he phones are budget versions of Samsung’s popular 2019 flagships, and they promise to bring premium features from those high-end phones down to more affordable price points  (although Samsung hasn’t said what those prices will be just yet). More information here.

6. Leak: The Pixel 4a looks better than the actual Pixel 4.

There’s no word on when the Pixel 4a might launch, but last year that was in May during Google I/O. That makes the timing for this leak earlier than normal, so it’s possible the company could be aiming for an earlier launch. Read more.

7. Samsung’s ‘artificial human’ project definitely looks like a digital avatar

It’s realistic, but can it walk and talk like a human?  Neon is an artificial human project that will be unveiled in just a few days at CES 2020. While we have no idea what to truly expect from Neon, a brand new discovery reveals more details about what could be Samsung’s boldest product ever. Read more.

8.Why 2020 will be a big year for crypto 

2019 was an incredible year for the blockchain and cryptocurrency space – we’ve been through immense market fluctuations, regulatory battles and financial scandals, Senate hearings, and the launches of several key abstractions that enable some really interesting applications. There are some
high hopes this year. Read more

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9. Our best iPhone apps of 2019

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10. Our Memes of the Week 1: World War 3 Edition

We live in a world where everything is 'memed' together. Enjoy! 
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