Apple will allow you to engrave emojis on your AirPods case

Apple will allow you to engrave emojis on your AirPods case
Apple's first move of 2020 was one thing we least expected, one to spiff up your AirPods case.

Apple is now expanding the options of customizing your AirPods by including the option of engraving the case with emojis on the Apple Store online for free. So many earbuds were released last year including the first ever from Microsoft they named Surface Buds, the Galaxy Buds from Samsung and Google's new Pixel Buds -- these were among the most popular of the year.

This is not the first time Apple is engraving its devices, there was and is still the option of engraving texts on the AirPods case. The only catch about this is that you can not have both emojis and texts engraved on the case at the same time -- either of them at a time, and also fact that the emoji options  are limited. The poop emoji and the zodiac signs are among the options.

List of images you can engrave on the AirPods case including Zodiac animals, and the poop emoji

As the competition gets tougher,  the these companies become more innovative, Apple released the 2nd-Generation of the AirPods (Airpods 2) in March last year (2019) and the AirPods Pro which is also a  much significant upgrade the same year at the end of October. There has also been rumours  of a new Galaxy Samsung Galaxy buds.

Source: MacRumors
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