We all never saw this coming!
Screenshot of Evan Blass Tweet

Welcome to 2019! We've got a good start to this year after a previous year of too many 'notches' (though very amazing) and big phones. A lot of very powerful and fast mobile phones were released last year and this year promises to better although we're still going to see 'annoying' notches (in my opinion).

We were all amazed when Samsung's first foldable phone, Galaxy Fold (unconfirmed) last year and have been looking forward to its official release since. It's been rumoured to have 3 rear camera lenses.

 Yesterday, famous leaker  Evan Blass, posted a video which contained a mobile device which could be folded on both its right and left side unlike the Galaxy F which we saw could be folded on one side like a wallet.

 Although it hasn't been confirmed yet as a device by Xiaomi nor a shipping device, it points clear to them since it was reported sometime back on ET News mid-last year that they were making an out-folding device which is set to be released in 2019 and because they are the only Chinese company that has caught attention lately and are capable. 

This is a pretty good sign that this year is going to be greater and I'm so looking forward to it. Share your thoughts with us @dejaysblog

Happy New Year!

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