Apex Legends: Voidwalker event - what you need to know

Apex legends is here again with another massive event, from the 3rd of September to the 17th of September. This is what Apex legends needed because their solo mode event just ended and this event "Voidwalker event" brings to players another reason why they should jump on the game. There are many new things coming to this event basically, the highlights of this event coming are the new "Wraith town takeover" which is wraith's exclusive area on the map just like we saw the octane gauntlet in the iron crown event. There has been news of prototypes where players can jump into portals on the map which relocates you to re-sky dive which may probably seem like jumping from jump towers. Being a player myself, I am super excited and can't wait to jump on this, and now what everyone is probably expecting the most and freaking out about is the new wraith skin you see here.

Followed by a bunch of other cosmetics are going to be in the shop for direct purchase at a more affordable price, respawn has listened to the complaints of their plays and new cosmetics are going to be a little bit cheaper. There would be also exclusive event challenges, complete these varieties of challenges to earn exclusive skins and wraith theme content. All the challenges will be within this two-week event.

Source: EA Sports

There would be double XP, from 10:00a.m PT on September 6 to 10:00a.m PT on September 9 players will able to earn double XP for top 5 finishes and is the champion of the arena. But I am particularly sure players who get champions will earn more doubled XP then being in the top 5 finish. In this event, Respawn is introducing a new Limited-Time Mode(LTM) called Armed and Dangerous which is going to revolve around shotguns and sniper refiles and overall loot is going to be more difficult to find. My opinion on the best combination you could get from this mode could be the peacekeeper and a longbow, which I definitely think you could destroy players in the lobby with. I can't wait for this update myself and I will catch you guys in the lobby.
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