Apex Legends' Iron Crown collection event is the new solo mode we've been waiting for!

Apex legends season 2 is here! introducing the new solo mode, players can now jump into lobbies to test their fate as only one champion can reign. Solo mode lasts for about two weeks and comes along with collections of new legendary frames, loots, bonus XP, sounds tracks, gun skins, and the most exciting iron crown legendary skins. Prior to the new skins the iron crown collection even has to offer, you are provided the chance to purchase the exclusive bloodhound's heirloom "Raven bite" which is considered as the best item in the iron crown collection. The heirloom costs a ridiculous amount of $170 in precedence of other items you would have to purchase to get it.

As some players might want to show off their new skins, you might consider completing daily challenges to earn you crowns and apex packs in purchasing these skins or either way purchase them from the apex store with apex coins. Being a player myself I main LIFELINE but I think GIBRALTAR has one of the best legendary skins in the iron crown collection event. Considering other legends Mirage also known as captain 

The new takeover town, octane's gauntlet which I think is the new hot zone has lots of action to offer, players can find rare loot items from the ring of fire prior to this zone. Solo mode isn't the only thing Respawn focused on, apex legends has a bunch of life of quality upgrades on the horizon including auto sprint on console and being a pc gamer I don't get to experience this upgrade but another life of quality was also upgraded for pc, making jumping and sliding on zip lines feel smoother. They are also addressing other forms of bugs like one where players lose Ranked point for a match disconnecting due to server issues but unfortunately there have been no specific time to when they will deliver fixes for these bugs or quality of life upgrades  .

I have been on the game for sometime now grinding to earn crowns and XP to show off a couple of skins and I am actually enjoying it. You could send me a friend request @TuushBag on origin and we could catch a game together. This! is Apex legends Iron Crown Collection Event. 
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