Epic Games' Fortnite was undoubtedly one of (if not) the biggest "good" stuff last year. Hitting over 200 million registered players, $8 Billion in profits and winning numerous awards by the end of last year, there's no doubt it was a big resounding success. 

The Battle Royale game also records millions of streams across Youtube and Twitch out-shadowing PUBG another battle game which also has millions of players dominating the smartphone gaming market but it looks like its glory *might* come to an END. Turns out that there is a new favourite!
Apex Legends is a free-to-play game which was released on Monday, February 4th by Respawn Entertainment, the makers of TitanFall. The game hit a record of 1 Million active players 8 hours after launch according to a tweet from the company's CEO and it is doing a very well as a replacement for TitanFall 3. 

As at the time of writing, Apex legends are currently on at a peak viewer count of 400000, 8 Million total views and currently ranks #1 on Twitch according to Github. The numbers are insane for a new game and it does not surprise me since it caught the eye of some big Twitch Streamers including Ninja!

The game allows you to pick from 8 unique 'Legends' and as seen in typical battle royale games, you can be able to set up Squads. The Graphics are very quality and for such a fast-paced game, it looks smooth at 60fps. More features including loot boxes would be added in the future.

Apex legends is Available for PC (Windows) through ORIGIN, PS4 and Xbox One Tempted to play? If you haven't yet I personally do not know what you are waiting for. Get downloading now!

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