[LEAK] Dark Mode and other New Features Hidden in the Latest Whatsapp iOS update!

In WhatsApp's latest update which was released last night on the Appstore for iOS devices i.e Version: 2.18.100, the are some pretty awesome features. Most of which users have been crying out loud for. 

Here's a list of the major features...


WhatsApp now has full support for the latest iOS 12. This should bring down all the noise about the bugs for those who are on the latest iOS. As predicted earlier, unfortunately, this version of the app does not support any version of iOS below iOS 8. The full list of unsupported devices can be found here.


Unlike before, you can now directly reply status with a v-card, pictures & documents, basically the usual functions of the plus button in normal chat.


In the new update, you would not have to tap on the play button on the next voice message to listen to it. WhatsApp will automatically do the playback for you. This if you don't see this feature yet, you should do a backup and reinstall the app.

About the hidden dark mode,

This feature was discovered by @WABetaInfo. They first announced that WhatsApp was working on this feature in a tweet back in mid-September. According to them, the feature now exists in the latest update but still in alpha mode. This means that the final version would most probably look different. There hasn't been any conspicuous development on it yet, more importantly, there is no button to activate/deactivate it (yet). Here's a glimpse of it...

(Image credits: WABetaInfo)
It doesn't look too good in the early stages (but of course), but we're very positive it is going to look far better when it is finally released to the public. As always, we're going to bring you more updates so keep checking back here. Thanks for reading! if you liked this article, kindly share it!

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