WhatsApp is testing a way of migrating chats between iOS and Android

WhatsApp is testing a way of migrating chats between iOS and Android

According to reports, WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will allow users to transfer their chat history between Android and iOS devices—a feature long-awaited by numerous of its users and one that competitors like Telegram and Signal have and are loud about.

As of now, the only way to backup WhatsApp chats aside from the local storage of phones is through 3rd-party cloud services mainly Apple's iCloud (for iOS users) and Google Drive (for Android), and although the company claims that it contradicts its Terms of Service, it has no option but to allow it but this new feature if implemented will be a huge step in cutting out these services.

According to WABetaInfo, the first to spot and report it, WhatsApp's new migration feature will be out in an upcoming update but not even tentative release dates are known. From their screenshot, we are able to tell that you will need an iOS update to be able to move chats to Android. 

WhatsApp has been working on making chats available cross-platform (i.e. mobile and desktop) so it's good to see some of the features which will make it possible, unfold gradually—last month we saw an update to WhatsApp desktop allowing users to make and receive phone calls on desktop. The chat migration feature we believe will also be a foundation for making chats available across platforms as planned.

The Facebook-owned company has already been criticized so many times about its new privacy policy which has been postponed—however it drove some of its users to Signal and Telegram so this might be a way of winning back some of these users. 

Source: WABetaInfo


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