Five best Alternatives To WhatsApp.

Social media has become an integral part of the lives of many. We get to interact with people all over the world with little to no trouble. But with privacy becoming a greater concern day by day, it is more important now than ever to use social media platforms that can guarantee that our information is safe. WhatsApp's latest update in policy has drawn the attention of many to this fact, with the fear that their data may not be as private as they would want it to be. But fear not, there are other platforms that provide the same services WhatsApp provides but with more emphasis on keeping your privacy. Here is a list of alternatives to WhatsApp you should check out.


Telegram is a messaging app that focuses on speed and security. If you enjoy using WhatsApp, you are surely going to enjoy telegram and have full confidence that your data is safe. You can get the telegram app on your pc as well and sync it with your phone very easily.


Signal is a cross-platform centralized encrypted service that allows users to send messages, pictures, files, voice notes, videos, and more using the internet. It has a focus on privacy and security, with constants updates to make sure that aim is achieved.


Line is a safe and free app that allows sending of messages and other media with electronic devices from smartphones to PCs. Line has been around for quite some time and has a lot of users and one main reason for this is due to how safe it is to use.


Another messaging app that can unnoticeably replace WhatsApp. It offers almost every feature available on WhatsApp as well as a beautiful user interface. Viber places a bit more emphasis on voice calls therefore you can expect to get a good experience if you make such calls on the regular.


Wire is a secure platform that allows teams to collaborate and stay productive through messages, sharing of files, video calls, and more. Wire is also available on every operating system available at the moment.


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